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Good enough to eat

Great British food can be a real treat. Finding it, however, can be real task. Have you ever seen Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America? Often mediocre passes for good, and terrible passes for edible. Not to mention it can get pricey. One place you can count on is Wagamama. Decent, pan-Asian food in several locations across town. They even have a tamarind chili pavlova for dessert.

Getting there: For the Camden branch, take the Northern line to Camden Town. Walk north along the Camden High St. Turn left onto Jamestown Road. On the Southbank, there’s a branch on Clink Street, in a vaulted archway. Take Northern or Jubilee line to London Bridge. Walk towards the Thames. If you hit Southwark Bridge Road, you’ve gone too far. 

And sandwich chain Pret-a-Manger provides consistently decent sandwiches, pastries, drinks and a place to sit in their shops across the city. The Leicester Square location is good place to escape the maddening crowd.

Getting there: You’ll run into one without even trying.